Guiding a Global Brand into New Hospitality Markets

Our VSAG team was pleased when asked recently to host a private Chinese investment group for a multi-day, thought leadership, in-depth restaurant & hospitality industry fact-finding strategy session that successfully took us from boardroom roundtable discussions to restaurant visits in … read more

Global Food Destinations

Why not take your restaurant guests on a fabulous trip abroad? We are not suggesting purchasing first-class plane tickets; we’re more practical than that. As restaurant and hospitably industry professionals, we know that a great meal, featuring deliciously intriguing, quality-sourced … read more

7 Top Hospitality & Restaurant Trends to Watch in 2015

As restaurant consultants we make it our business to know our business. We surround ourselves with the industry’s foremost team of passionate, perceptive, dedicated, and inquisitive individuals whose common goal is to continue to evolve our business by seeking out … read more

You’ve Hired the ‘Perfect’ Employee. Now What?

Sure, you’ve spent a great deal of time and effort in courting, testing, and choosing the right candidate. They’ve accepted the job offer and are ready to get started…now what? The process of integrating a new employee into your existing … read more

How to be Bar Snack Savvy

Elevate your restaurant’s bar snack offerings from the traditional and boring options to the unexpected by livening up your approach with some new, innovative culinary creations that go beyond pretzels or peanuts. The idea is not to put your bar … read more

Orange: The Color of the Season?

Orange abounds in the fall…this warm hue seems to be everywhere from the changing leaves tothe pumpkins at the farm, and at the fall festivals to the glow of the fire pit as we gather with friends for nighttime s’mores … read more

The True Benefits of Team Building

Every good manager knows that team building is an important aspect to aligning company goals, visions, and overall mission, as well as to strengthen the bond between staff. We believe that fostering deeper, professionally driven connections with fellow employees and … read more

Spice Up Your Menu!

Market research firm, Technomic, released a Consumer Flavor Trend Report which found that a majority of Americans (54 percent to be exact) prefer hot or spicy foods, sauces, dips, and condiments. And from our vantage point in helping to create … read more