VSAG on Waste Watch: Reduce Food Waste with New Toolkit

As we continue to champion waste reduction and applaud restaurant industry efforts to do so, we thought we’d highlight a recent discovery that takes positive steps for reducing food waste piling into America’s landfills every day. Because the concern isn’t … read more

That’s the Spirit! Great Summer Cocktails

What do your guests want to sip this summer? Chances are it’s something refreshingly cool and delicious, with a twist, and out of the ordinary. Keeping cocktail beverage menus fresh can be challenging, but during the summer months there are … read more

Communal Tables: Practical or a Pain for Guests?

In most full-service restaurants, long gone are the days of white tablecloths, ‘bad’ tables near the kitchen or restrooms, and tables spread across oversized dining rooms. Restaurant guests today are embracing the more casual feel to dining, where communal dining … read more

Patio Friendly Menus & Seasonal Décor

Warm summer days and balmy nights are the perfect settings for expanding guest services. Patios are a great way to expand your business and offer guests not only great patio menu choices, but also an inviting, seasonal setting to enjoy. … read more

Summer’s Bounty: Best Fruit Choices for Menus

Now that summer’s arrived, guests are craving dishes that fit the season’s light, airy vibe. And what’s one of the best ways to take advantage of this season’s bounty? Fresh fruit. In our ongoing efforts to consistently help our restaurant … read more

Grilled to Perfection: Summer’s Bounty on a Plate

The char-lines are unmistakable; vibrant colors appear to jump off the plate; and the amazingly savory, smoky flavor makes mouths water … Yes, we’re talking grilled summer vegetables. As the flavors and local harvests of summer are arriving, adding fresh, … read more

Brand Extension 101

We could liken the task of extending or expanding the familiarity and strength of a brand to the analogy of natural connection and relationship of an expanded sandwich section on a restaurant menu if the restaurant is a leader in … read more