Summer Food Feature: Part One

For our inaugural Summer Food Feature, we’re inspired by our recent discovery that July is National Picnic Month. Yup, who knew?

As a company that believes in American farming communities, tradition, and family, we love the idea of tying National Picnic Month back to restaurant and hospitality-centric concept ideas and related menus.

Creating specialized July picnic-food-centric offerings for your patio or any outdoor space – or if you FFB_FOHExterior_008_JCdon’t have an outdoor area, developing your To Go services so guests can take their meal to their own backyard or local park – is a great way to usher in a sustainable summer seasonal menu.

Since summer is the perfect season to gather outdoors with family and friends, we suggest concentrating your picnic-centric menu items on dishes that lend themselves towards plentiful portions.

Think shareable fresh salads, combination plates, and interesting kabobs featuring grilled, local fruits and vegetables, tender ‘n juicy fried chicken and fresh seafood platters, delicious sandwich selections on house-baked breads, and finishing your seasonal menu with easy to grab ‘n eat desserts like handmade chocolates, traditional chocolate chip and/or buttery shortbread cookies, and beignets with rich, delectable dipping sauces.

Your guests will love your inspired picnic-centric menu. And the best part? You and your team can keep the tradition going: mix it up and create seasonal, sustainable summer picnic menus annually.

*photo: guests enjoying the food & outdoor space at DC’s Georgetown Waterfront restaurant, Farmers Fishers Bakers.