VSAG on Watch: Taking a Page from our Client’s Manager in Training Program

Train your staff. Probably one of the most important restaurant success lessons you’ll read today.

Whether your enterprise is large or small, your business and your staff will reap the rewards of implementing a comprehensive, consistent training program.

Our operations management team oversees our Restaurant Staff Training and Development services, helping to guide our clients on creating proven training programs. Here’s a general overview of our Manager in Training (MIT) guidelines.

Start at the Top. GM’s should be brought in to not only oversee the execution of your MIT program but to help streamline its focus and teachings. Your restaurant brand will remain in tact if top-tier managers are steadfast in adhering to the filtering down of all elements of your brand: i.e. superior service, guest relations, time management, and the like.

IMG_0339MIT 101. Trainers should be best brand ambassadors in your shop. Not only do they possess a clear depth of knowledge of your brand’s culture, principals, and direction but they also must be PSYCHED to teach it! Engaging. Exciting. Passionate. Encouraging. Effective. Yup! Make sure your training staff is all that – and more.

Classes to Offer. Take stock of what your staff needs and develop an interesting, varied, interactive class schedule from there. Do they struggle with completing tasks in a timely fashion? Offer a “Time Management” class. Do they interact positively (+easily) with staff, guests, and management? If not, offer “Peers, Decisions & Your Path.” Do they have a clear picture of your brand? Offer a “Company Culture” class. Do they know what is expected of them? Offer a “Management 101” class where they have to master skills such as: kitchen & cooking 101, crafting a cocktail, and/or applying a company brand core value to a specific situation (i.e. the old “grovel & schmooze”).

Timeframe. We recommend a three-to-six month certification program. This allows for enough training module time and topic strength and reinforcement before candidates are moved up to management positions.

Always keep in mind: Training is Key to Consistency! Brand. Service Level. Guest Relations. Tweak these guidelines to make them your own – and your guests, staff, and bottom line with thank you.

*photo: MIT in progress at Founding Farmers DC