Call to Action: Bettering Our Planet For a Sustainable Future

As active restaurant and hospitality industry participants, we believe in coming together for a great cause.

And we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the universal cause of bettering our planet than by highlighting ways to bring about change in our environmental practices.

Our Call to Action? Earth Day. Celebrated this year on April 22nd, Earth Day and its sustianability efforts spurs us on every year, and every day. But, we’re also inspired by the ongoing efforts we see implemented within daily restaurant kitchen operations. For example, cutting food waste and local sourcing offer operators an impactful dip into the sustainability pool, but what we oftentimes don’t realize is the widespread, ripple effect we can have as an industry to spur on global change.

main-logoDiscover Your Inspiration. Over the years, Earth Day efforts have ushered in not only an unprecedented awareness for educating us on important environmental issues, but also a call to action for us as global citizens to band together to create change: to help better our planet and create a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come. Let that mantra inspire you this month and beyond as you explore sustainable options that work within your brand, such as:

Managing Food Waste. An ongoing issue on the road to sustainability success, especially since U.S. government data states that if Americans threw out just 15 percent less food, we could feed more than 25 million people each year. But, you may ask yourself: How to reduce food waste within my restaurant? The goal is to always strive to reduce food waste before it’s created. For example, install precise, cost effective operating methods to manage food inventory and portion control, explore the latest tools and industry standards, and train staff on ingredient labeling, storage, and organization to help significantly reduce waste, all part of core operations training under our very own, Dan Simons

Smart Purveyor Partnerships. To gain more insight on successful local sourcing, we went straight to the source of a recent Full-Service Magazine article entitled “Getting to the Source of Local Supply,” featuring information from our client’s team at Farmers Restaurant Group. “Buying and sourcing as locally as possibly, obviously, is the right thing to do. There’s a demand for it and it’s cost effective…” the article states. “The goal is to always have the best relationships. If you have a great distributor, that relationship extends to the farmers. They can help the restaurant source get the product they need in the quantity they require. They’re also going to ensure that product is safe, and they’re going to deliver it to your door, where a lot of times, the farms can’t necessarily do that.”

To read the full article click here and turn to pg 53.