What Is Menu Development? 

Menu Development focuses primarily on the dish selection and design of a menu. When developing custom menus for clients, we look at the brand’s story, guest demographics, local ingredients, and specialties. We work to develop a menu complete with signature dishes and an innovative, engaging menu design aesthetic to best encapsulate our client’s brand.

What is Menu Engineering?

Menu Engineering is the process of building a menu. Our team gathers and analyzes data from dish popularity to price evaluation and costing. They determine the best steps to build a menu of offerings that speak to our client’s concepts, profitability goals and limitations, guest expectations, and business plan.

Here, our collective knowledge of and passion for food and the food service industry meld together to marry the process of  menu development & menu engineering. Our award-winning culinary consulting team is ready and waiting to do what they love for your restaurant brand: create not only custom menus, but also signature dishes and seasonal offerings for your guests to feast on.

No matter what stage of recipe or menu development our restaurant industry clients are in, creating innovative menu concepts are always labors of love for us and begin with immersing ourselves into a brand’s culture, mission, and vision. Our menu engineering consultants conduct a full, detailed, and exclusive menu engineering analysis in order to provide proven, specialized menus to enhance our client’s culinary business.

Our team of seasoned menu consultants, executive chefs, designers, and systems experts work with VSAG clients to develop menu concept strategies to garner success in these areas:

  • Menu development and research development.
  • Menu engineering and optimization.
  • Stacking of day parts and menu options for staff flexibility, providing quality guest service and labor scheduling optimization and planning.

Let our expert culinary team and restaurant menu engineering consultants better serve your menu concepts and your business. Learn more about what menu development and menu engineering can do for your restaurant!