Restaurant Evaluations From The Experts

To see what really happens inside your business, you need an outside, expert, objective eye. A restaurant consulting team of restaurant evaluators with the perspective and experience to assess each and every aspect of your operation, from front of house to back office and everything in between. We are VSAG.

Our Restaurant Assessments: Winning Playbook.

We assess your restaurant. We evaluate your business. We make recommendations that align with your goals, creating a playbook to best suit your needs. Our team of restaurant evaluators, operators, systems experts, financial specialists, chefs, and recruiting consultants dig in to discover what is working, and what isn’t.

VSAG Restaurant Advisory Services: Proven Results.

Our deliverables are based upon clear, factual reporting. We implement systems and work to place staff to yield solid, improved standards of performance.

Restaurant P&L Analysis: Impact Service.

Generating positive profit and loss statements can be tricky business. Our team is committed to working side by side to evaluate, analyze, and improve your restaurant’s P&L. Some of our process includes:

  • Line-by-line analysis and P&L “scrubbing.”
  • Three to 10 points of new profit generated.
  • Structured budgeting process created.

See how you can benefit from a customized VSAG restaurant assessment.