What’s the Most Important Information for a Restaurant Homepage to Display?

Your company’s website homepage is your brand ‘calling card’ if you will. It’s not a place to advertise per se, but to clearly define your business and your brand, to offer an enticing glimpse of what sets you apart.

So, What’s the Most Important Information for a Restaurant Homepage to Display? Here are some digital marketing expert ideas to improve your online visibility … one (home)page at a time:

C’mon In. Restaurant operators want to engage and entice customers. Many times, that begins with a restaurant’s website homepage. The design should allow customers to easily obtain pertinent information. Because in the end, what do you want customers to do? C’mon in, of course. So, make it easy for them:

  1. Clearly display restaurant’s: name, phone number, address, and hours of operation
  2. Be mobile friendly: as many users will search restaurants on mobile devices, its advisable to have your phone number “click to call” enabled, and your address linked to your location on Google Maps
  3. Utilize online reservations to your advantage: always a great idea to utilize online reservation services (i.e. OpenTable), but make sure users are able to easily make a reservation on every page

Navigation Ease. Navigating your website’s homepage, and beyond, should be clear and logical. If users have difficulty finding what they’re looking for on your homepage, and beyond, chances are they’ll opt out and move on. To ensure usability, make sure the homepage is easy to navigate and links to reroute, to say your menu(s), reviews or Twitter feed, are identifiable.

Additional Information. Sure, it’s great to offer additional elements and links from the homepage, such as tempting images of your dishes, a video of your head chef creating his magic, specials, and the like … just make sure not to overwhelm users. Engage and entice them on your site, but let your overall restaurant experience, food, and service speak for themselves when customers come in.