Second Annual Scholarship for Sustainable Hospitality Awarded

We are pleased to announce that the recipient of 2nd annual Scholarship for Sustainable Hospitality award is George Washington University (GW) School of Business student Alexis Aliquo. The scholarship is funded by VSAG, Founding Farmers and Farmers & Fishers restaurant … read more

What’s the Buzz at Founding Farmers?!

Honeybees! As honeybees happily buzzed around DC last summer, VSAG got a bee in our bonnets:  Why not broaden the scope of our client Founding Farmers’ sustainable practices and create an apiary, where the freshly harvested honey could be used … read more

A Petition for Transparency in Food Labeling

Healthy, safe, sustainable food is something we always keep in mind, whether we’re advising a green restaurant like Founding Farmers, a mom-and-pop eatery like Shoals, or a mobile dining destination like the Sauça food trucks. No matter what your favorite restaurant might be, … read more

The Social Media & Food Culture Connection

The Hartman Group/Publicis Consultants recently released a report on the Impact of Social Technology on Food Culture. As professional food service consultants and restaurant consultants – and as people who spend a lot of time eating and using social media … read more

Potomac’s Founding Farmers in the Washington Post

Washington Post food writer Tim Carman recently chatted with Dan Simons about his latest project, a second location for Founding Farmers that’s set to open in Potomac, Md., in late October.

Founding Farmers Apiary Mention on KFYR

The apiary that Founding Farmers launched this summer in conjunction with George Washington University gets mentioned on KFYR radio in North Dakota. [audio:]

VSAG Names Scholarship for Sustainability

Soon the school year at George Washington University will come to a close, and one student in particular has VSAG, Founding Farmers and Farmers & Fishers restaurants in her corner, with a $5,000 scholarship to help get her closer to … read more

Filling the Most Expensive Seat in the House

After years of experience in the restaurant business, VSAG knows first-hand that an empty seat is a restaurant’s most expensive real estate. Armed with that knowledge, VSAG recently instituted a ground-breaking restaurant optimization program to streamline Front of House operations … read more

Is OpenTable Worth It? Founding Farmers says ‘Yes’!

As VSAG co-founder and owner of one of the most popular restaurants in the country, I thought I would offer some insight and true-life case study experience to a question that has been bantered about the food industry community recently – … read more