The Founding Farmers Fiats are Out and About!

Founding Farmers and Potomac’s Founding Farmers, the DC-area’s popular farm-to-table sustainable restaurants and VSAG restaurant consulting clients, recently unveiled the ultimate in cool, new buzz-worthy marketing tools:  two new Fiat 500s, each wrapped in Founding Farmers’ branding and imagery!

In this day and age of the social media and technology boom, we know that it’s crucial to think outside of the box, as originality is key when trying to generate buzz for your brand.  So, our VSAG creative team got to work.

Partnering with graphics firm Road Runner Graphics, VSAG wanted something that would help the restaurants stand out, something that spoke to and enhanced the brand. And the fuel efficient and fun Fiat 500 fit the bill.

Initially made for safely shuttling FF and PFF staff from their respective restaurants in DC and Potomac, MD, these two wrapped cars are also getting lots of attention as they tool around town.

These sporty hatchbacks each feature a front façade photograph of their specific FF location and the hoods boast the restaurant logos.

In the coming weeks, look for some fun FF / PFF happenings via the @FoundingFarmers Twitter page … you never know what’s down the road!