Is Your Wine List Ready for Summer?

As oenophiles and casual imbibers alike know, different seasons call for different wines.  A lush burgundy is warming on a brisk autumn day, while a crisp rosé refreshes in warmer weather.  We all appreciate the importance of variety on a wine list.  Embracing said variety and taking it one step further by rotating seasonal varietals on and off your wine list through the year will help set your wine list—and your establishment—apart from your competitors.

Jon Arroyo, one of Washington DC’s top mixologists, shared his top five picks for summer wines, many of which can be found on the wine list at Founding Farmers:

Wölffer Rosé, Sagaponack, NY 2011  This dry rosé boasts a floral aroma and notes of fresh berries and wild strawberries on the palate.  It offers an elegant and refreshing finish with terrific minerality and is perfect with light seafood dishes or sweet fruit desserts.

Raats Chenin Blanc, Stellenbosch, South Africa 2010 Yellow apple and pineapple shine alongside notes of green melon and lime.  Beautifully structured on the palate, this white wine finishes subtly yet distinctly, with great minerality and bright citrus flavors.  This wine would go perfectly with summer salads or fresh pastas.

Kellerei Kaltern Muller-Thurgau, Alto Adige, Italy 2010  This Italian white wine tickles the nose with peach and apple aromas.  It flaunts crisp, lip-smacking tart peach and green apple flavors while balancing a medium-bodied finish.  Its acidity and crisp bite make it a lovely accompaniment to pork or meatier fish dishes.

Grand’arte Alvarinho, Lisboa, Portugal 2011 Full and well-rounded, this wine has touches of toast, pineapple, melon and peach.  It’s a fine expression of albariño, keeping the essential fresh structure of the grape while also imparting body and richness.  This wine would work nicely with pan-seared chicken or lamb.

Alois Lageder Pinot Bianco, Alto Adige, Italy 2011  This pinot bianco shines brilliantly with a very fine aroma reminiscent of a sunny peach orchard.  Pronounced, clean and elegant with a light grape flavor, it is light to medium-bodied with a fresh mouth-watering finish.  Quaff this wine with shrimp, lobster and crab.