Dan Simons, Founding Farmers & Yelp

Founding Farmers celebrated its second anniversary in September. Since opening, the restaurant has been reviewed by Yelpers more than 780 times – more than one review per day.  Dan Simons, VSAG co-founder and owner of Founding Farmers, has responded to every … read more

Founding Farmers Wins Environmental Excellence Award

Founding Farmers, the Greenest Restaurant in Washington, DC, was today named as one of only two restaurants in The District to receive the Mayor’s Environmental Excellence Award in 2010. The annual awards recognize outstanding businesses and organizations for their environmental … read more

VSAG Partner CarbonFund.org Featured in WSJ

Kudos to CarbonFund for the recent article in the Wall Street Journal highlighting the trend of making a positive move to reduce carbon footprints – the yearly amount of carbon dioxide we emit into the environment – for big corporate … read more

Reducing Environmental Impact the VSAG Way…

…and sharing the news and information with the industry is part of the VSAG mission, from inside the restaurants to beyond our clients’ doors to their guests and customers.  Operating in an environmentally friendly way is inherent to successful restaurants … read more

Restaurant Patrons Save Green, Eat Green

Can the promise of a free cupcake or some cold hard cash work better than dire predictions of dying polar bears and rising sea levels at getting people to cut their carbon footprint?  For diners at Farmers & Fishers and … read more

VSAG Cited as Industry Leader in Green Restaurants

Restaurants & Institutions magazine recognizes it, and so do VSAG’s clients – we’re a go-to expert for industry knowledge, experience and insight on how to grow a green restaurant – but more importantly, how to keep one going and use … read more

VSAG Client Wins Award for Retail Construction

VSAG client Founding Farmers has been recognized by Mid-Atlantic Construction, a bi-monthly magazine for the regional construction industry, as the 2009 Retail Project of the Year. Projects were recognized for achieving the goals set forth by the project team, overcoming significant … read more

VSAG Clients Utilize Apps for Business

It’s no surprise that iPhones and smart gadgets that offer limitless uses and life’s little ‘helpers’ in the form of user applications (‘apps’) have expanded into the restaurant business. VSAG is at the forefront of directing new apps for client … read more

VSAG Responds to Washington Post Article on Sustainability

From Dan Simons, VSAG co-Founder, in Response to the December 7, 2009 article by Jane Black that appeared on the front page of The Washington Post:

We’re thankful to Jane Black for bringing such an important topic – sustainable agriculture and what it means to be a green restaurant committed to sustainable business practices – to the front page of The Washington Post. How much more important can this topic get for foodies and restaurateurs? Not much more, but we’re glad that there is focus on a successful business in Washington, DC, that is working to help American family farmers and pushing the envelope on a broad array of topics that go well beyond the superficial, easy topics…. read more