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Dan Simons Weighs In: How Big Brands & Big Businesses are Aligning Their Missions With Gen Z & Millennial Consumers

“With the Gen Z and Millennial consumers, it’s clear what matters to them. They want to be part of making the world a better place in everything they do. For us, this is good news. This was our original mission behind sourcing food products in a way that aligned with our sustainability vision.”— Dan Simons Dan recently had the opportunity to discuss this relevant industry topic of how big brands and big businesses need to set themselves apart in today’s market, focusing on the next generation. In a well received article for Forbes, which was also referenced by The Huffington Post,… read more

Dan Simons Speaks to Forbes: The Road to Becoming America’s Most Booked Restaurants, 5-Years Running!

As an experienced, sought-after restaurant & hospitality consultant, VSAG Principal Dan Simons has morphed his years in the industry into an acquired narrative of the business of running successful restaurants and keeping a keen eye on what diners want. Dan loves participating in open, honest, valuable conversation about the industry he loves. One such conversation recently took place with Forbes contributor Brian Rashid. The outcome: How Founding Farmers Became the Most Booked Restaurant in the U.S. for 5-Years Running, where Dan dished on the amazing success of VSAG client, Founding Farmers, and the journey Dan has taken with Farmers Restaurant… read more

Is a Sustainable, Global Food Supply Within Reach?

We offer a hopeful… yes. In these times of burgeoning populations, the strides we’ve made as a company to honor the invaluable service family farms provide our industry, forecasting the developing farmer-owned restaurant concept, and our commitment to offering client guests sustainable menu options at every possible turn, is paramount to our work. We’re encouraged by recent reports from the Environmental Defense Fund indicating that due to initiatives begun at grassroots levels, such as ours that promote sustainable methodology, are having a positive uptick on practical, innovative global food supply efforts and solutions.  Some of those solutions derive from sustainable… read more

Dan Simons Out Front with Forbes: Formula for Leadership Model Success.

Principal Dan Simons was recently approached by Forbes magazine to discuss his business leadership style and recipe for success. When a business industry media giant like Forbes comes calling, what’s one to do? You set forth and provide contributor Jeff Boss with an honest, hard-hitting account profiling your business leadership style – the highs, the lows, the lessons learned.  The result: Why This Leadership Model Simply Cannot be Argued With. Now garnering media and industry attention, Dan wanted to share some snippets from the article outlining our work with longtime VSAG client, Farmers Restaurant Group. “The seed from which a… read more

Ongoing Investment in Food & Restaurant Technology

As we look to the future, making an ongoing investment in food and restaurant technology will help you grow as a brand and as a company. Food Science & Technology. An interesting topic as it’s continually evolving. Defined by the Institute of Food Technologists as the study of the physical, nutritional, and chemical makeup of food, food science also seeks to uncover the causes of food deterioration. Whereas, food technology applies those disciplines to the selection, processing, packaging, and preservation of food. In short: maintaining food safety and making a conscious effort to impart advanced, sustainable, repurposing methods to reducing… read more

VSAG Client News: Farmers & Distillers Opens!

The reservation call center is busily up & running, the staff is trained and happily serving hungry guests, the booze is flowing, and yes, the doors are open. We’re thrilled to announce that our longtime client, Farmers Restaurant Group, has opened their latest venture. Located in the cool, culturally diverse Mt Vernon Square neighborhood in the heart of Washington, D.C. Farmers & Distillers is primed to be the next successful venture in this growing restaurant group. Along with sister restaurants, Founding Farmers and Farmers Fishers Bakers, Farmers & Distillers continues the brand’s farmer-owned concept, but with a twist: this restaurant… read more

5 Tectonic Shifts and Challenges Facing Restaurant Owners and Operators in 2017

As we move into 2017, our team is ready to take on new business and guide our established clients to successful restaurant and hospitality endeavors. An important part of our business practices is forecasting the trends we see as viable industry practices, ideas, and evolutions for the coming year. Our biggest callout? Sustainability. The importance of leaving this planet better than how we found it, is a continued, evolving source of interest, education, and involvement. Here are the Top Five Tectonic Shifts and Challenges We See Facing Restaurant Owners and Operators in 2017. Food Trend: Hand-Pulled Noodles. One of the most beloved,… read more

VSAG Principal Dan Simons Speaks to Responding To Bad Reviews & Coming Out Stronger

For those of us who’ve been in the restaurant business for sometime, we’ve all been served a piece of humble pie a time or two (or three!). But what defines us is how we deal with negativity that is par for the course in this subjective service industry. Bad reviews, negative press, customer grievances, and the like are never a pleasure to read or hear, but there are lessons to be learned IF you’re willing to put your ego aside and listen, analyze, and make necessary changes in order to better your business. Take note. “We’re transparent about who we… read more

From Sea to Shining Sea: We Support Sustainable Seafood

We’ve talked a lot about the state of sustainable seafood in the last few years. And what part overfishing, endangered fish selections, and in turn the importance of choosing seafood wisely within the food service industry, have played. Yup, we’re getting on-topic again. Because it needs to remain in our dialogue. Because we can continue to have a positive impact on the sustainable seafood movement if we make good choices. What does that mean, exactly? It means, continuing to educate ourselves through research and open conversation in order to make our sustainable seafood menu choices count. Really count. For us…. read more

What are the Emerging Social Media Trends in the Restaurant Industry?

As restaurant operators and owners, we love exploring and leveraging technology to best guide our clients. We recently revealed our Top 5 Restaurant Apps & Platforms You Need to Bookmark Now, such as Pulse, GrubHub, and SinglePlatform. Now, we’re checking out the latest in social media.  Social media savvy is crucial for success in today’s marketplace. For example, looking to connect with specific target audiences? Facebook Ads is a great tool. Want concise, immediate, wide reaching promotion? Twitter is for you. Aiming to capitalize on social media’s power to network, capture new hires, and garner industry contacts? Check out Linkedin…. read more