Sliders are Making a Comeback

Our team is all in for this trend: sliders are making a comeback.

In an industry that sees trends come and go on a seemingly daily basis, food fads are one of our favorite trends to follow. Sometimes, we’re happy to see some go (we could’ve done without the clean eating craze a few years back) and sometimes, we’re thrilled to welcome some back with open arms. Hello, sliders!

These handheld little flavor wonders are a great addition to any menu. In a fast-paced, quick-service restaurant/bar setting, menu sliders are a perennial crowd pleaser. Easy to make and they are usually pretty tough to mess up, especially if you use fresh ingredients from vendors you trust. Sliders also lend themselves to variety and are a solid option to add to your purchasing line, as they don’t take much to make. In upscale restaurants and eateries, you can up your level of restaurant sliders using ingredients that highlight your brand and menu offerings (think: Wagyu beef slider or fresh Maine lobster roll slider vs a classic sirloin burger slider). In the end, everyone loves a great slider. No matter your audience of eaters.

Sliders are perhaps the most perfect food item to experiment with. Sure, we love the classic burger, griddled onions, and cheese slider or the BBQ pork and fresh coleslaw varieties, but we are also all in for chefs crafting with new flavors and interesting combinations.

Some trends to try: Ham & swiss slider melts, mini boneless fried chicken with sweet pickles or spicy buffalo chicken sliders served on warm & flaky biscuits, chicken-fried steak sliders or Philly cheesesteak sliders, or get a little extra gourmet with pork belly sliders, salmon & watercress sliders, lamb & goat cheese sliders, short rib sliders, ahi tuna sliders, or Impossible™ Burger (plant-based) sliders.

Pair with select local craft beers to up the slider menu option ante (and price point). Or add sides such as classic fries, homemade coleslaw, French onion or tomato soup, or a chopped green salad.

Added bonus: even after three or six or nine or even 12 sliders, diners are often left wanting more. So, fire up that grill and prep your ingredients to give diners what they crave. More sliders, please.