The Big News in Service: Self-Ordering Kiosks

We ended last year as we always do, by making our Annual Predictions: Restaurant & Hospitality Industry Trends & Topics for the New Year.

And we’ve to say, our team was on the money with many of the forecasts we made. One in particular: the Self-Service Food Kiosk.

VSAG MP/VP of Restaurant Operations, Amber Hartman, was out in front with our look into this self-ordering system. From personalization and customization to automation and software, all roads to successful self-service led to savvy fast-casual restaurant owners and operators purchasing self-order kiosk fast food ordering systems.

“As minimum wage hikes have continued across the country,” said Amber, “we’re seeing a strong shift towards technology to reduce labor and implement systems, such as automation through the use of kiosks.”

New research from Tillster backs up Amber’s prediction by showing that 25% of restaurant customers have used a restaurant’s self-ordering kiosk within the past few months. Furthermore, over 65% of customers said they’d visit a restaurant more often if self-service kiosks were offered, with 30% of customers preferring to order from a kiosk versus a cashier if the lines were of equal length.

Self-ordering kiosks offer restaurant businesses the advantage of streamlining their service, with an add-on in upsell potential, all with the speed and convenience that today’s consumers are looking for.

With strategic operational training, and a focus on exceptional customer service, this technology is primed to offer owners and operators the streamlining capabilities they need to drive their businesses, and their bottom lines.

*photo credit: Kiosks