VSAG on Trend: Deliciously Decadent Desserts

Dessert trends are one of our favorite trends to follow. And the dessert trends 2020 are setting the stage for a delicious new year.

We’re here to explore new dessert trends and dessert industry trends that have been making their way onto our radar. With new flavors and formats to creative crusts and booze-inspired selections, upping your dessert game by way of the modern dessert trends we’re seeing (and tasting) these days has never been so much fun.

With social media being such a visual medium, pastry chefs are making their desserts with not only delicious ingredients and taste, but also a great social media photo op in mind. Take a look at this Death by Chocolate Brownie Sundae served at our client’s restaurant, Farmers Fishers Bakers. The perfect example of a social media-centric (and perfectly crave-able) dish. It just makes you want to dig in. And culinary teams are taking note.

Start Fresh. We are seeing fresh, local ingredients, like milk, cream, fruit, and honey, making their mark in dessert trends lately. Look to your local market, producer, or trusted vendor for fresh picks and inspiration.

Boozing it Up. We are seeing an uptick in booze-flavored desserts. Influencing this trend is the bar & beverage world of creative, craft cocktails. Many bars across DC and beyond are partnering with local spirit and craft beer companies, or distilling their own spirits, to offer guests clean, new takes on bar tastes. Have you ever tried the Founding Spirits American Whiskey & Cornflakes ice cream at Founding Farmers First Bake Cafe & Creamery in King of Pussia, PA? If not, next time you’re in Philly, take the 30-minute ride. You will thank us.

Clever Crusts. Pastry chefs are getting creative with their crusts these days. No more traditional graham cracker crusts (although we love those too), we are seeing new elements infused into classic crust formats. Pastry chefs are having fun with this crafty-crust, modern-day dessert trend. We’re seeing cookies crumble, candy bars mixed-up & mashed, melted toffee, caramel, and marshmallows, and lots of crafty combos (think chocolate-covered pretzel crust). Texture, fun flavor combos, and twists on the classics are making this modern dessert trend a pleasant and tasty standout.

Chocolate. Always Chocolate. When we think dessert, nine out of ten times there’s chocolate somewhere in the recipe. A signature, chocolate dessert is a mainstay on most dessert menus. Today’s dessert trends say that diners favor the classics. Chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake, and chocolate milkshakes hold the perennial top spots in the “most-loved” dessert category. Up your chocolate dessert game and play upon those classics. Use chocolate cookies as pie crust, get creative with your chocolate cake recipe, and make the most of your milkshakes. Dessert is a great way to experiment with fresh, innovative ingredients, offering guests a sweet end to each meal.

*photo: Yes, the Death by Chocolate Brownie Sundae at Farmers Fishers Bakers is as good as it looks!