Winter Menu Ideas for Restaurants

As winter makes its way through the first few months of 2020, we are working with clients to offer winter menu ideas for restaurants. We know that specialty, seasonal items play well for adding interest to menus throughout the year, and winter is a prime opportunity to offer guests some great, hearty dishes that will help alleviate any winter doldrums.

We start with the hipster food trends of 2020 and move toward winter menus fine dining, even touching upon some great winter brunch ideas and winter buffet ideas to round out our winter menu trends.

We are calling all top food trends of 2020. We are seeing technology moving the food trends needle, from hipster to fine dining, with progress such as meat/plant-based alternatives piggybacking on the recent plant-based food trend, as food companies continue to explore the latest trend in offering consumers burgers and such made with meat, just less of it. So, bring on the veggies and soy-based products, we are ready for you in 2020. We also are seeing the progress across the board of Regenerative Agriculture and new ways to increase biodiversity, enrich our soil, improve our watersheds, and enhance our ecosystem. We are also working with clients from trendy eateries to fine dining establishments to help them rethink their kids’ menus as another avenue for increasing restaurant sales. From broadening sustainable efforts, like making & offering scratch-made sodas instead of the processed sodas of the past, and more, this is a trend that works in any food and beverage venue.

The classics are also calling this winter when it comes to winter brunch ideas. We love a great big, hearty brunch. Including a brunch option is a great way to get guests out of the cold and into your restaurant for hours on end. Price your brunch right since the table turn time will mostly likely be longer during brunch, but offering the likes of menu items like these carving station showstoppers: slow-roasted honey-glazed ham, Yankee pot roast, and freshly roasted brisket, and super sides of macaroni & cheese, mashed potatoes, and salads with loads of fresh veggies and flavors, will surely keep your diners cozy, happy, and well fed.

Let’s not forget seasonal, savory stews cooked low and slow, when planning a winter buffet menu of ideas. We love fresh, hearty stews paired with freshly grilled breads and green side salads. Choose from Beef Burgoo stew with carrot, onion, fennel, potatoes, and bourbon; Pork & Lentil stew with poached egg, avocado, cotija, cilantro, and lime; or any seasonal chilis or stews of choice that are sure to satisfy this winter.

*image: winter Beef Burgoo offering at Founding Farmers