Dan Simons on OpenTable’s Foray into Delivery

Working closely with founder, Dan Simons, our teams know one thing: he loves himself some good data! Oh sure, he loves the people, our teams, our great work together (even our lessons learned), but he loves the data.

Utilizing data… collecting it, processing it, analyzing it… is a powerful tool. Dan and our team learned long ago the benefits of knowing your guest and what they want. For us, the majority of our client/guest data, and our ability to use it to help better their businesses, comes from our longstanding relationship with OpenTable.

And for OpenTable, that means continued growth. So, what’s on their horizon? Delivery.

Our VSAG and Farmers Restaurant Group (FRG) in-house teams have been talking delivery and installing our successful delivery systems (and catering by delivery) to better serve clients, guests, and up our customer service ante for years. As OpenTable now moves to delivery, and leans into the reported $10.2 billion Americans spent on third-party delivery last year alone, they too will push their company to further heights by partnering with delivery giants: Caviar, GrubHub, and Uber Eats.

Dan and our teams are all in.

“Delivery,” he says, “is the fastest growing part of our FRG business, accounting for between four and 10 percent of sales.”

Sure, he hears a lot of full-service restaurant owners & operators complain that delivery is taking away customers who would otherwise eat in their restaurants. But, he believes delivery is actually bringing in more business to his seven DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania FRG outposts, because, “Customers who want to stay home and watch TV while they eat aren’t going to dine out anyway. I want them dining on my food whenever they want it,” he said.