Jennifer O’Donnell

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From startups to some of the world’s most iconic brands, Jen has spent her career writing, top-editing, and telling the stories of the people, teams, and brands she represents. As in-house writer and editor, Jen brings her vast experience and creative know-how to our team and global hospitality partners.

A lifelong passion for writing inspired Jen to pursue a degree in journalism, which landed her a coveted role on Redbook magazine’s New York City editorial team. Jen’s resume includes writing and editing content for national magazines such as, Good Housekeeping, TeenShape, and Redbook, as well as startups, nonprofits, global advisory firms, and leading restaurant companies, such as Farmers Restaurant Group.

As content expert and lead copywriter, Jen’s experience includes managing all global PR and shaping the narrative for world-renowned brands like Calvin Klein Cosmetics, Vera Wang, Nautica, Valentino, and Karl Lagerfeld. Delivering unprecedented success and outreach, Jen and her team were responsible for reaching audiences across 65 markets worldwide.

Following a move with her family from their native NYC to the DC metro area, Jen joined our team in 2010 and continues to work to keep our company communications and partner branding style fluid, consistent, and engaging.