Client Testimonials

“Our restaurant group operates without a formalized corporate structure, so the skilled, varied experience of candidates that VSAG brought to us were the perfect fit. From front of house to back office and front desk to reservations, accounting, and operations, they’ve allowed our Founding Farmers restaurant crew members and management staff alike to surpass expectations and grow at every level.” – Dawn Vileno, Managing Partner | Vice President, Farmers Restaurant Group

“Dan Simons was with me for seven years evolving the brand, driving the operations and results. He’s a team-builder, absolutely committed … and I actually like him!” 

-Phillip J. Romano, Creator Romano’s Macaroni Grill (Fuddrucker’s, eatZi’s Market & Bakery, Cozymel’s, Nick & Sam’s, Coal Vines, and more)

“I am very pleased with the operational and brand assessment that VSAG provided for our White Horse Bar & Grill and the way your team performed overall.” -Polo del Río, President, Del Rio Management

“With VSAG’s clear direction and guidance, we were able to create a consistent, intentional, deliberate brand concept to filter down through our logo, interior design, messaging, website, touch points, menu, and more. Our mission to clarify our brand identity was met and hence the framework for our brand’s future success is now in place.” -Marlis Oliver, Executive Director, K&N Management, Mighty Fine

“We’ve been so impressed with the team’s efforts on our projects. VSAG developed and completed a brand and operational assessment for Viceroy Miami, and the final product is superb. It will serve as a useful tool for our team moving forward. VSAG’s great insights, patience, and focus on collaboration make a difference. Their feedback, creativity, knowledge, and hard work are very much appreciated. It’s a real pleasure to work with them.” -Jeff Randall, Vice President, Asset Management, Pebblebrook Hotel Trust

We at Posto 9 are very excited about the development of our Brazilian gastropub concept, which was not possible without the excellent market assessment completed by VSAG. We had a hunch that our initial market was the right place to start, but VSAG validated the enormous market potential that exists.” -Marco A. Franca, Executive Director, Posto 9

Candy Apple Cafe Logo Med

“We can’t thank you enough for the comprehensive operational assessment, including improving our overall kitchen and service operations, as well as systems compliance procedures, provided to us. The operational support shown by your team is invaluable to enhancing and streamlining our Candy Apple Cafe brand going forward.” Jennifer Earnest, Principal, Chef’s Garden Catering & Events


“I wanted to thank you for your insights, ideas, and all the hard work you put into Soul Tavern. Our experience with VSAG was definitely an impressive one, and I would not hesitate to recommend your team in the future.” -Jason Gordon, Founder & CEO, Soul Tavern