Food for Thought: What’s on That Plate?

It seems to be an age-old restaurant industry debate: does plate size really matter? Whether you are an executive chef or operate a full-service restaurant or neighborhood cafe (or wear both hats), plate size and portion size were inevitably apart … read more

VSAG on Sustainability Watch: Overfishing Oceans

To say that the folks at One World One Ocean love the ocean is an understatement. From the tropical reefs to the Arctic sea ice, they are dedicated to restoring the world’s oceans back to a wild, healthy natural state … read more

Protecting Your Restaurant From Theft

When we hear the word ‘theft,’ many of us think of an outsider in a ski mask breaking and entering into our establishment. While that could be the case, in most instances, it’s more likely to be an inside job, … read more

Safely Sweetened Beverages For a Change

As the New York City soda ban controversy continues to make national headlines, the issue has also sparked debate among restaurant industry insiders and health officials alike. Our team has been following the issue closely, and VSAG recently discovered that … read more

Achieving Restaurant Customer Loyalty

The definition of “loyalty” is pretty straightforward: “Unswerving in allegiance… faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, institution or product.” Easily defined, yes, but not always easy to achieve when it comes to purchasing or customer service relationships. Sure, we expect … read more

The Global Water Crisis: What Restaurants and Hotels Can Do

In today’s marketplace earth-friendly operations are at the forefront of many restaurant and hotel operations and management teams. Though true sustainable operations and water saving measures may not be possible to retrofit into every concept, more and more restaurants and … read more