The Future of GMOs … It’s Complicated.

Indeed it is. As trends continue to push towards greater awareness of the correlation between wellness and food, the topic of GMO is getting more and more attention. There is no simple answer to whether or not people should avoid … read more

VSAG Feature: CropMobster – Social Media for Social Awareness

Two big restaurant industry topics have come together in a new platform: CropMobster™ is a California-based, grassroots organization that blends preventing food waste and using social media to your advantage. Their mission is simple: connect farmers, ranchers, restaurants/food producers (or … read more

The VSAG Food Imports Watch: FDA Proposes New Regulations

Recent news alerts from The U.S. Food and Drug Administration state that they have proposed new regulations to further ensure that food coming into the country meet the same safety standards as food produced in the United States. Working in conjunction … read more

VSAG on Industry Watch: Gluten-Free Seal of Approval

We’ve talked in the past about the importance of educating food service operators as an industry in regards to being conscious of gluten-free and other dietary concerns of guests and providing them with smart food options when dining out. Now … read more

Coffee is King: Big Business in a Cup

Is it just us, or is there a coffee shop, cafe, or specialty sandwich shop serving coffee on every street corner these days? It seems so. And evidently that’s good news for today’s U.S. business traveler, as coffee reigns king … read more

Going Global With Menus

Nothing connects you to a place, its people and its culture quite like experiencing the local fare and cuisine. And since a far-flung vacation is not always on the menu, what better way to take diners on a global flavor … read more

SEO: Making it Work for Your Business

What business owner doesn’t want to grow, improve and prosper? And navigating through, and making use of, all the tools and assets in the expanding digital world of rankings and search engines is crucial in getting your name our there. … read more

Food for Thought: What’s on That Plate?

It seems to be an age-old restaurant industry debate: does plate size really matter? Whether you are an executive chef or operate a full-service restaurant or neighborhood cafe (or wear both hats), plate size and portion size were inevitably apart … read more