Spotlight on Sustainability: Dan Simons Speaks at NRA ‘Conserve’ Program Conference

VSAG’s Dan Simons was recently asked to participate in the National Restaurant Association’s Conserve program expert panel sessions re: one of the most important and viable issues in the restaurant and foodservice industry today: sustainability best practices.

One of Dan’s contributions focused on how to develop a sustainability-focused menu, here are a few of his guidelines:

  • Clearly define what sustainability means for your restaurant, whether it means sourcing locally, serving sustainable seafood or supporting area farmers and manufacturers
  • Walk the talk even if some criticize you or customers complain when a favorite item is no longer seasonal and off the menu
  • Think long term and don’t abandon programs you started, like supporting a certain farmer or buying compostable straws, even if sales are down in winter

Through further panel discussions of topics ranging from industry sustainability trends and tips to putting best practices to use and expert commentary, the NRA developed a working report that documents the plethora of pertinent information and knowledge that resulted from these sessions.

Spotlight on Sustainability was created for all those who hope to better their sustainable operational procedures in an easily accessible and cost effective manner for their restaurants, hospitality programs and/or foodservice operations. The report highlights areas such as: finding sustainability programs that work for your business, tips for successful composting and waste reduction, the benefits of investing in efficiency products and visiting/supporting your local farmers markets, and more.

These are all valuable educational tools and options for seamlessly transitioning foodservice businesses into the new generation of sustainability, and the betterment of our planet.

For more information about Conserve, visit or the Twitter feed @ConserveNow.

Also see the NRA Spotlight on Sustainability Report Press Release and the top lined 7 Ways to Bring Sustainability into Your Restaurant report for further review.

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