Facebook’s New SinglePlatform Tool Can Drive Guest Trial

10153035_10152333946876154_6422837431724361757_aAs social media continues to grow in value and effectiveness as a marketing tool for the restaurant industry, the many new systems, techniques, and apps regularly coming onto the scene are helping to make strides for how we do business every day.

As big believers in the power of reaching guests and potential guests through social media, we know the importance of refreshing social media pages with up to date profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other popular apps, and also mixing it up by changing cover art and images on a regular basis to help keep your social media scene looking fresh and new.

In addition to social media platforms (i.e. a website; image-based Instagram and Pinterest accounts), there’s also a new way to get the word out and entice the millions of hungry consumers going online and using mobile social media daily to find what they crave … it’s never been easier to upload restaurant menu(s), and other relevant information such as specials and promotional events, directly to a restaurant’s Facebook page than by using an easily accessible menu listing service called SinglePlatform.

The good news: if you already work within the SinglePlatform technology for your business, your menu should automatically upload to your restaurant’s Facebook page. But, if you’re either outside the U.S. or don’t currently use SinglePlatform, you can easily upload a PDF file of your menu on your homepage by going to: Settings → Page Info → Menus.

Keeping informed and letting your social media savvy work for you is a surefire way to discover and introduce interesting and innovative promotional elements into your PR + Marketing platform. All points lead to staying current, keeping fresh, and improving your business … and your bottom line.

*photo courtesy of facebook.com/singleplatform