Dan Simons Featured in the NRA’s Conserve Conversations Sustainability Videos

We are always thrilled to partner with restaurant and hospitality industry innovators and to work with them to get our voices heard on various topics that affect our business.

Recently, VSAG’s Dan Simons was asked to partner once again with the National Restaurant Association’s (NRA) Conserve program and their outreach efforts in the newly developed, innovative Conserve Conversations (see additional Conserve VSAG News mention here) where he shared the importance of sustainable practices from his perspective as the head of a group of restaurant managers and operators.

As the Conserve Conversations mantra focuses the uniqueness of each restaurant operator’s sustainability story as a part of a much larger effort with many shared common threads woven through, it made sense for Dan to be featured as an industry leader, as he also serves as an owner in the sustainable success story of Farmers Restaurant Group.

In “Through the Eyes of the Farmer” Dan conveys and outlines how and why sustainability is a key business driver for Founding Farmers and Farmers Fishers Bakers restaurants. From collaborating with farmers to taking an environmental approach to business administration, and to striving to minimize food waste and maximize the efficiency of day-to-day operations, Dan speaks to what it takes to build of a successful, sustainable restaurant brand that’s more than lofty goals.

Conversely, in “Communicating Your Story: The Voice of the Server” Dan discusses the how’s and why’s of communicating a sustainability mission both internally to staff and externally to the general public, and the utmost importance of being honest and truthful with guests. After all, what sets any restaurant apart is a solid brand message, and that usually starts with a guest’s first impression and interaction with servers… the ultimate brand ambassadors for any restaurant or hospitality business.

View the latest Conserve Bright Ideas newsletter, for further sustainability ideas and useful resources, and click here to learn more about how Farmers Restaurant Group is leading the way in a successful restaurant brand with sustainability at every turn.