Join the Fight: World Cancer Day

WCD_LOGO_RGBEach year, February 4th marks World Cancer Day. And as restaurant consultants who care about the guests our clients serve in their restaurants every day, we wanted to mark the significance of this day by offering some industry-specific ideas in the hopes of making a difference in the fight against cancer.

As current statistics demonstrate, approximately a third of cancers could be prevented through physical activity, diet, and maintaining a healthy weight.

Since the restaurant & hospitality industries can use our platform to positively influence two out three of those preventative measures, that knowledge in and of itself makes our industry a powerful player in the fight against cancer.

The practice of regularly offering guests deliciously fresh, healthy food choices will surely give them the selection and knowledge they need to not only make good choices while dining in your establishment, but also inspire them to create similar dishes at home. Crucial weapons in the fight to not only maintaining a healthful diet, but also a healthy weight.

Highlight healthful dishes, ingredients*, and feature enticing food images on menus. Encouraging guests to try new ingredients, flavors, and dishes will hopefully spur their adventurous side at home as well. Also, highlight any outside organizations you work with to promote healthy eating such as local charities or sustainable food banks. We believe in taking part and striving to bring about change whenever possible. For example, our very own Dan Simons serves on the EVEN Hotels Advisory Board in order to help develop healthful dining strategies and food related programs to best serve the wellness minded EVEN Hotel guest.

Emphasize if your fresh ingredients come from local farmers markets. Offer interesting facts on menus or sideboards regarding the foods, the farm, and/or the purveyors. Also provide website and contact information so guests might be moved to make a visit themselves.

Focus on providing sensible portions of healthful foods* rich in antioxidants, inhibitors, vitamins, and proteins researchers believe help fight cancer. Incorporate foods – such as garlic, berries, tomatoes, beans, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower), green tea, whole grains, turmeric spice, leafy greens (spinach, lettuce, collard greens, kale), and red grapes (served whole; in grape juice/red wine) – into the likes of: delicious green salads and sautéed sides, served over whole grain pasta and lean proteins such as chicken or turkey, and top fresh sliced berries and purées to desserts for an added burst of flavor.