Craft Beers Take Center Stage

18. Farmers Fishers Bakers bar offers 24 craft beers on tapWhether brewed on premises or fashioned in nearby craft breweries, craft beers are making their mark on the beer and beverage industry. As craft beers and the art of creating a specialty and/or seasonally influenced beer are gaining popularity with guests across the country.

In fact according to, the average American lives within 10 miles of a craft brewery. And the Brewers Association reports that craft beer volumes are steadily achieving double-digit market growth.

The typical American craft beer brewer is defined by the Brewers Association as having three major components:

  1. Small: annual production of six million barrels of beer or less.
  2. Independent: less than 25% of the brewery is owned by an alcoholic beverage industry member that is not a craft brewer.
  3. Traditional: components based on traditional fermentation process and ingredients such as malted barley, mixed with innovative flavors for distinctiveness.

In short, craft beers are synonymous with small, local breweries and brew houses that concentrate on creativity, responsibility, and experimentation. Setting the stage for leadership in the beverage industry, and increasing demand by guests who want to feel as though they are getting a product made especially for them.

If your bar & beverage team is looking to add some dimension and interest to your beer selections, a visit/tour of local craft breweries to get a behind the scenes look at their process and craft beers offerings is well worth it.

There, you will surely discover some great selections and even food pairing ideas to get your guests excited about your new beer program. Additionally, hosting craft beer tastings and tutorials or creating a menu highlighting various beer flights and growler options will allow you to pique guests’ interest and enhance their experience at your bar.

*photo: the perfect pour at Farmers Fishers Bakers