Up Your Artistry: Lighting as Art + Design

Lighting sets the mood of your space. It highlights your guests and your food. So, having the perfect restaurant lighting to enhance your space is a must. As we’re lucky enough to work with the amazing, artistic team at Stroik … read more

VSAG Client Expands Restaurant Group

Guiding our clients through a restaurant expansion is many times a long, and difficult road … but a journey we’re always happy to take. Recently we helped our client, DC-based Farmers Restaurant Group’s brand of restaurants Founding Farmers, do just … read more

Best Practices: Streamlining Employee Labor Scheduling

Control your cost of business. Easier said than done? Not for us.  In an industry that serves high costs with oftentimes low profit margins, it’s imperative to put proven staff scheduling restaurant software, technology and systems in place in order … read more

The Top 8 Healthy Kids Menu Ideas for Restaurants

Over the years we’ve watched and reported on the healthful kids meals trend. We’re always happy to utilize our client and restaurant industry-centric news blog platform to help shape healthy eating habits for the next, and we might add notoriously … read more

On Trend: Making All Day Breakfast Work for Your Restaurant

We recently forecasted the rise of the All Day Breakfast restaurant industry trend.  It appears our trend-watching team was right on target as expanding breakfast to other dayparts seems a good bet as traditional breakfast food items are cost effective … read more