VSAG on Trend Watch: Big Batch Cocktails, Anyone?

The bigger the better. That seems to be the trend these days in cocktailing. Big batch cocktails for fall are all the trend this season.

We got the big batch cocktails lowdown from our resident R&D Specialist, Amanda Webb. Amanda’s role as our eyes and ears of the world of food and beverage serves us well.

This month, we asked her to give us some bar & beverage trends that our team is incorporating into our client’s food and drink menus. “Our goal,” she says, “of guiding our clients to the benefits of making as much as they can in-house, from scratch, and creating drinks that spark conversation and promote socializing are definitely coming to play with big batch cocktails.”

We love to build upon the communal, welcoming factor that is an essential element of any restaurant brand’s success. Envisioning the community-feel that sharing big batch cocktails with appetizers and other shared foods, is an important part of our bar & beverage development process.

Pairing that communal feel with scratch-made, craft cocktails makes for a special guest experience. Try your hand at some whimsical shared cocktails for groups of 2-4 (or more) featuring spirits, such as vodka, rye whisky, gin, amaro, and pisco, blended with some creative, fresh, house-made mixers like ginger syrup, clementine bitters, and berry-infused liqueurs. As cocktails-for-a-crowd inspiration, look to incorporate some of your restaurant’s top flavor profiles and ingredients into some shared cocktail classics, creating big punch bowls of fun from tiki’s to mai tais to craft beer cocktails.

Specialized craft cocktails are a great way to create a signature bar series, and keep guests coming back in groups for some fun imbibing.

*a shared Scorpion tiki bowl for guests to enjoy at Farmers Fishers Bakers.