Summer Food Feature: Part Two

We’re holding on to not only the last few weeks of summer, but also the tasty, seasonal dishes our culinary teams have been offering up to clients this season.

Where do we start this summer food feature? With one of the season’s light, yet most versatile dishes: fresh summer salads.

As a starter or entrée, we love us some easy summer recipes like fresh-from-the-farm salad. From unique greens and vegetable combinations to sliced fruit dripping with flavor, summer salad options seem endless.

One of our most popular salads is packed with flavor… and many vegetables. The name says it all: the Many Vegetable salad might be short on greens, says our R&D Specialist Amanda Webb, but it’s chock full of beans, avocado, peanuts, corn, jicama, cucumbers, onion, and finished with fresh Romano. Amanda and her team are committed to, and inspired by, using fresh ingredients to create delicious dishes guests will love, and the Many Vegetable salad is no exception.

Next up: creative veggie dishes. In keeping with our summer food favorites theme, Amanda and her team have been experimenting with and perfecting some creative, vegetarian-friendly dishes.

Our clients and their guests have been feasting on amazingly flavorful meatless dishes such as cauliflower steak served with creamy risotto, mushroom swiss Reuben sandwiches, rice and bean burgers served with smoked tofu, cranberry and brie vegetable burgers, and a many vegetable mushroom loaf that was, you guessed it, inspired by the Many Vegetable salad.

Here’s to finding your summertime recipes and menu inspiration!

*photo: a plate of delicious cauliflower steak at Founding Farmers Tysons, paired with a perfect summer glass of Farmers Restaurant Group’s New York Vines White wine.