On Trend: Making All Day Breakfast Work for Your Restaurant

We recently forecasted the rise of the All Day Breakfast restaurant industry trend.  It appears our trend-watching team was right on target as expanding breakfast to other dayparts seems a good bet as traditional breakfast food items are cost effective … read more

Standout on Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is November 28 this year. And, if your business has at least one but no more than 25 locations, than you’re already a participating member. We gathered some background information on gaining support for your small business, … read more

Gain Local Exposure, One New Homeowner at a Time

How do you best promote your business’s local exposure? By partnering with your area Chamber of Commerce. As defined by Merriam Webster, your local Chamber of Commerce is: An association of businesspeople to promote commercial and industrial interests in the … read more

Global Food Trends: Ethnic Cuisine Making its Mark

What does our restaurant consulting team do for fun? Besides gathering to eat the best foods we can find – we find joy in seeking out trends and advising our clients on how to translate them into effective, long-term business … read more

VSAG Client News: Unity Plaza Set to Open

Ah, we love when a comprehensive project with lots of moving parts turns out better than we’d hoped! Kudos to our consulting team for maintaining their focus, passion, and dedication (even through tough days!) in order to bring our client’s … read more

VSAG on Watch: Protecting Against Credit Card Skimming

As seasoned restaurant consultants, our team has learned (sometimes the hard way) that if attention isn’t paid to, and proven business methods are not implemented in, the back office –there can be no front of house to welcome guests. Enter: … read more