It’s Burger Month! We’re Celebrating Traditional & Innovative Takes on this American Classic

As Memorial Day weekend approaches to usher in summer ’18, we’re focused on, and drooling over, the sight and sounds of a great burger sizzling on the grill.

Our dedication to guiding our client’s recipes and menus highlighting this much-loved American classic is evident in restaurant kitchens as they plate and in restaurant dining rooms as guests enjoy the best burger you can serve.

From gourmet burgers to seasonal burger specials to unique burger ideas, to really any types of burgers, we love ‘em all. Our culinary teams work side-by-side with clients to create specialized, innovative burger concepts that enhance their brand.

For classic takes on all-beef burgers, our culinary teams like a fresh, juicy, all-natural beef burger, preferably ground in-house daily in our client’s kitchens.

For innovative takes on the classic, we’ve been working with clients on introducing the new plant-based burger making headlines and satisfying burger lovers everywhere. The Impossible Burger is quickly becoming a popular, plant-based option for meat lovers who want a delicious, alternative burger experience.

Whether serving classic or trending takes on burgers, your bun and toppings are important to giving guests the full burger experience. Buns should be fresh, tasty, and easily hold all the goodness of a fresh burger. We recommend that buns and breads be made in-house, if possible. And the toppings. Ah, the burger toppings. We like our burgers piled high with fresh ingredients. Some burger toppings to try: sharp cheddar, crisp bacon, pickled relish, sliced tomatoes, crumbled blue cheese, caramelized onions, and more will keep guests coming back for more this summer and beyond.

For more information on the Impossible Burger, visit their blog What If?.

*photo: an Impossible Burger served just right at DC’s Farmers Fishers Bakers.