What’s Cooking this Summer? Part Two


Last month, our in-house R&D specialist, Amanda Webb, gave us the 411 on this summer’s hyper local and kombacha on tap seasonal trends, and now she’s breaking down another trend we’re loving: bulletproof coffee.

And yes, it is as amazing as it sounds.

Building upon the industry’s rise in low- and no-alcohol drink offerings, bulletproof coffee is a great play on that trend.

What is bulletproof coffee? Also coined, “performance coffee,” Amanda explains that, “Coffee company founder, Dave Asprey, is claiming that his bulletproof coffee recipe of adding butter and oil to coffee can actually make one healthier and more energetic.”

How so? Amanda explains how to make bulletproof coffee and the bulletproof coffee benefits, “Blending butter and oil into coffee allows the caffeine to be released slower, providing enough fat to keep one’s stomach satisfied longer and therefore prohibiting that mid-morning snack. Anything with butter,” she continues, “is usually delicious, and adding it to coffee is no exception.”

What oil is commonly added to make bulletproof coffee? Usually a derivative of coconut oil, or medium chain triglycerides (MCT), which is a colorless, odorless fatty acid that remains in liquid form at room temperature, making it the perfect oil to add into coffee.

Amanda and our R&D team notes that food service industry operators are jumping on board the “bulletproof” train, as coffee shops and dairy creameries a pairing together and blending these two products to create this brain boosting, appetite curbing morning beverage.

photo credit: www.bulletproof.com