Delivery Made Better

As we reported in our Forecast ’18 piece last month, we predict that the delivery service business will make its mark this year.

We’re not talking some local high school student delivering pizza to make extra cash, we’re talking innovative service delivery models and product delivery that are making industry headlines.

One such look into the service delivery trend recently ran in the Huffington Post and featured our very own Dan Simons offering his take. Known as an operator always looking to improve his delivery business, Dan and the Founding Farmers restaurant teams, of which Dan is co-owner, have been offering to go services and catering menus, which come complete with not only delivery, but also set-up and breakdown, for sometime in order to accommodate their guests wants and needs.

What’s next? Dan and his teams saw a need to fill the burgeoning demand of the lunch crowd, and recently teamed up with the innovative folks at Plum Relish, who specialize in drop-off catering.

“On most regular workdays, we know people can’t or don’t want to take the time to leave the office to eat, or even leave the office to pick up food,” Dan says. “But we also know many want and need good food to keep their productivity up. We are working in multiple ways to get our wholesome, scratch-made food to people at their desks.”

One of those ways is their partnership with Plum Relish and offering guests what they crave: great food, in the form of specially created, individual “bento boxes” and platters for groups to enjoy, delivered fresh, and fast, to their door. 

As Dan points out, they’re new delivery venture is “making it easier than ever before for everyone working in the DC metro area to eat high-quality, sustainably-sourced food for a reasonable price, without sacrificing time at the office.”

The question of how to improve service delivery to customers and how to improve my courier business varies from business to business. Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or looking to expand the range of your business, look to broaden your horizons with a service delivery model and business services strategy that fits your brand, and your budget.

*a delicious grilled salmon Founding Farmers/Plum Relish bento box order.