VSAG Partner CarbonFund.org Featured in WSJ

carbonfundKudos to CarbonFund for the recent article in the Wall Street Journal highlighting the trend of making a positive move to reduce carbon footprints – the yearly amount of carbon dioxide we emit into the environment – for big corporate leaders like Amtrak, Jet Blue, Hyundai and Dell.  VSAG is also a CarbonFund.org subscriber,  reducing the carbon footprints of restaurant clients like Founding Farmers and Farmers & Fishers, with the purchase of carbon offsets through CarbonFund.org.   In 2009 alone, VSAG purchased credits to offset more than 72 tons of carbon dioxide to reduce the environmental impact of the restaurants.  It’s just a small part of the VSAG Corporate Social Responsibility that is imparted to all clients.

According to the article, these carbon-offset retailers calculate fossil-fuel consumption and neutralize it with earth-friendly initiatives. There are varying ways these credits are put to use, but examples include investing in reforestation, renewable energy and methane-gas capture-and-destruction efforts.  The article is a must read for businesses that want to be more environmentally responsible – from a 2-person operation to a 2,000 person company – everyone can do their part.   Read the full article.