Safely Sweetened Beverages For a Change

As the New York City soda ban controversy continues to make national headlines, the issue has also sparked debate among restaurant industry insiders and health officials alike. Our team has been following the issue closely, and VSAG recently discovered that … read more

Top Metro Areas for Restaurants and Bars in the US

The folks at Trulia have crafted two heat maps illustrating the most restaurant-and bar-dense metro areas in the US.  One correlation we noticed is that the metropolises along the coasts tend to be eating cities while those inland tend to … read more

Beer vs. Wine: Who Is Drinking What?

The Huffington Post recently reported that Americans consume more beer than wine.  According to a new Gallup report, beer edges out wine by 39% to 35% as the beverage of choice for those who imbibe. Perhaps not surprisingly, the stats … read more

Is Your Wine List Ready for Summer?

As oenophiles and casual imbibers alike know, different seasons call for different wines.  A lush burgundy is warming on a brisk autumn day, while a crisp rosé refreshes in warmer weather.  We all appreciate the importance of variety on a … read more

More Than Just a Great Cup o’ Joe

Coffee. The mere mention of the word can conjure up visions of warm family gatherings, an intimate date night, a casual business meeting or a fun-filled laugh session with friends. And to think, all that fun fits into one cup … read more

Better Tiki Than Tacky

Farmers & Fishers brings a popular cocktail movement back into vogue with the launch of a new bar program that embraces the art of the Tiki bar, and specifically, the classic art of making a delicious Tiki cocktail. The Washington … read more

VSAG Client Wins Craft Brewing Gold

…and silver, and bronze!  Congratulations (and cheers!) to The Covey Restaurant & Brewery in Ft. Worth, Texas for their recent win of six awards for their incredible crafts beers at the 2010 Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition.  Brewmaster Jamie … read more

Farmers & Fishers Celebrates Brazilian Independence

On Labor Day Monday Farmers & Fishers Sous Chef Mario Pineda appeared on the WUSA9 morning show and prepared the very popular Heritage Truck-style Fish Tacos on the air for anchor Kim Martucci in honor of Brazilian Independence Day.   Mario … read more

Founding Farmers & Cabana Cachaça Celebrate Brazil

On Labor Day Monday (9.07) Founding Farmers Mixologist Josh Tugjnyam appeared on the WUSA9 morning show and prepared the official cocktail of Brazil – the caipirinha – in celebration of Brazilian Independence Day.   Founding Farmers Chief Mixologist Jon Arroyo is the … read more

VSAG’s Chief Mixologist Named Cabana Cachaça Brand Ambassador

Cheers to our own Chief Mixologist, as well as Farmers & Fishers‘ and Founding Farmers‘ Chief Mixologist, Jon Arroyo, for being named the Washington, DC region Brand Ambassador for Cabana Cachaça, the finest, purest cachaça in the market today.   As the signature spirit of Brazil, cachaca is coming into its own in the US, not only as a fine rum product, but as a very smooth and versatile elixir, authentic to the core…. read more