VSAG in the News: “Foodie and the Beast” Talks to VSAG’s Dan Simons & Chef Joe Goetze


Dan Simons and Chef Joe Goetze recently sat down with Washington, D.C.’s popular weekly live radio food and wine variety show, Foodie and the Beast, to chat about client Farmers Restaurant Group’s new restaurant, Founding Farmers Tysons with show host Nycci Nellis.

Dan and Chef Joe didn’t waste any time getting right down to it. And our Chef Joe didn’t disappoint, as he showed up with a delicious preview of treats from Founding Farmers Tysons, complete with our delicious Jefferson Donuts for staff and other guests to enjoy.

While Chef Joe covered the restaurant’s menu, inspiration, and flavor profiles, Dan shed some light on the relationship Farmers Restaurant Group has with the farming community at large, their supply chain, and how the restaurant brand operates on such a grand scale.

We invite you to listen to the live interview here. Enjoy.