That’s the Spirit! Great Summer Cocktails

What do your guests want to sip this summer? Chances are it’s something refreshingly cool and delicious, with a twist, and out of the ordinary.

Keeping cocktail beverage menus fresh can be challenging, but during the summer months there are so many simple and interesting ingredients, techniques, and solutions that will have your guests gravitating to, and ordering more than one ‘out of the ordinary’ summer cocktail.

To keep profit margins (and your creativity cred) up, look to add new, interesting combinations of ingredients such as fresh produce, like organic cucumber, cantaloupe, honeydew or another seasonal melon, to a clear spirit or liquor to make a lovely new flavorful base. Consider mixing Limoncello into cocktails, muddling fresh berries with the flavors of mint or ginger, or offering a distinctive basil cocktail with added sweet elements (like strawberries or blackberries) for something different and refreshing.

The goal for maximizing the summer cocktail season is to offer a varied, yet cohesive menu of tempting drinks; one that’s in-sync with the summer vibe and your restaurant’s strengths and branding. For example, if your distinction is small plates or tapas, then create white/red wine infused twists on sangrias and sparkling wine concepts featuring fresh flavors mixed with wine from the plethora of great Spanish selections from the regions of Rioja, Valencia, Requena, and more. If you’re serving an all-American menu of classics, consider cocktails like martinis, bourbon drinks, and beer-based cocktails.

Keep to the classics guests love; yet mix in some modern innovation that they wouldn’t normally make at home to keep them coming back for more.