VSAG on Tech Watch: Trending 2019 Restaurant Management Software

Always looking to shine a light on innovations in the restaurant and hospitality industry, we are particularly interested in smart business practices. Over the years, that has entailed unearthing the right systems and technology to fit our clients’ need to grow their enterprise and knowing how to fully integrate and utilize restaurant management software to best serve their business.

Over a decade ago, Dan Simons began our long, successful journey with a then-burgeoning restaurant reservation software and restaurant management software system our clients still use today. He posed the question in one of our early news blogs, Is OpenTable Worth It? Our team’s answer, a resounding… yes. He offered insight into what it means to be a working, OpenTable restaurant and dissected a true-life case study experience in utilizing the OpenTable reservations system and its star ingredient: the OpenTable restaurant management software itself, a gateway to data analytics, tracking table turn times, and more. Now, all at our fingertips with the OpenTable App, making OpenTable a continued, formidable player in the restaurant management software marketplace. 

Since then, we’ve examined industry topics from delivery systems and investing in the latest food science and restaurant technologies to exploring the fine line between balancing new technologies with tradition. Just last month, we covered point of sale and which POS systems and technology will work best to fit one’s business.

You get the picture. We are proponents of funneling useful information through our very own online outreach system to highlight the best and brightest restaurant management software and systems (and more) to our clients in order to help them find and incorporate the components that will work best for their business.

The lowdown here is: Sure, the restaurant business is an ever-changing industry and in order to grow owners and operators must keep pace with the growing list of restaurant industry technologies and trends to benefit their businesses, but at the same time not lose site of why we all entered this business in the first place – hospitality.