Ongoing Investment in Food & Restaurant Technology

As we look to the future, making an ongoing investment in food and restaurant technology will help you grow as a brand and as a company.

Food Science & Technology.

An interesting topic as it’s continually evolving. Defined by the Institute of Food Technologists as the study of the physical, nutritional, and chemical makeup of food, food science also seeks to uncover the causes of food deterioration. Whereas, food technology applies those disciplines to the selection, processing, packaging, and preservation of food.

In short: maintaining food safety and making a conscious effort to impart advanced, sustainable, repurposing methods to reducing food waste in your kitchens is always worth the investment. As we witness a growing interest in the global importance of minimizing food waste, we advise clients to keep an interest in and seek out ways to continually incorporate tangible, sustainable practices into their businesses.

Restaurant Technology.

As OpenTable’s most booked restaurant for five years running, Dan Simons knows theimportance of investing in sound restaurant technology for Farmers Restaurant Group’s (FRG) Founding Farmers DC. Featured recently in an article for Dan says, “For us it’s always about the food, drink, and vibe. We’ve just learned that great technology [also] helps us truly care for the guests.”

A commitment to utilizing software such as: OpenTable for customer experiences; Aloha for POS applications; Venga for detailed table/food/guest analytics; Upserve for responsible credit card and marketing management; as well as Compeat + Ultimate to help make all things efficient in our back offices… allows Dan and his teams to create streamlined recipes for big data management success.

Enhancing Guest Experiences.

A goal for any successful restaurant operation. As such, investing in advanced food & restaurant technology in the hospitality industry will serve your business well.

The Future.

Ones to watch: a maximum-speed, 5G mobile network is on the horizon, as well as higher accuracy of indoor, satellite-based digital navigation (i.e. help guests find your locale faster & possibly improve inventory navigation). Also look for advances in Wi-Fi and mobile base station technology, and a rise in fingerprint reader-equipped device technology. All poised to offer significant advances in technology – this year and beyond.

*photo: FRG staffer connecting with customers through technology and big data usage.