Summer ’19 Food Trends: Part Two

For our next summer food trends roundup, we asked our resident culinary R&D Specialist, Amanda Webb, for more.

More trends. More ideas. More ways to implement current trends in food and beverage industry programs for our clients to play with. Here’s more from Amanda and her culinary team:

Healthy Fats. Yes, there is such a thing! Last summer we talked about the newest coffee and health food trend, butter coffee (aka bulletproof coffee). Since then, adding ‘healthy’ fats back on menus is trending with diners. Keto, Paleo, and other grain-free diets focus heavily on low carb and high-fat foods. On the flipside, with the healthy fats trend, “We’re seeing a new wave of packaged products and menu items available to those who are willing to give it a try,” says Amanda. There has been a major emphasis on the convenience of these types of food. For example, you can now buy grab & go Keto creamer and ready-to-drink butter coffee. The options are taking over health food store shelves from coast to coast and the trend, says Amanda, is also finding its way onto the casual dining scene. Amanda and her team are finding healthy fats inspiration in ingredients and offerings such as: chips made with cheddar cheese, hummus made with cauliflower, vegetables stuffed with various proteins, delicious varieties of creamy dips, and even chicken wings… all considered low carb, high-fat options and great menu ideas to impart this summer’s trend in the food and beverage industry this season and beyond.

Alternative Crust Options. Referring back to the grain-free dining choices above, Amanda is witnessing that, “Restaurants and food suppliers are seeing a rise in guest requests for alternatives to traditional bread sources.” One large item: pizza crust. This ever-popular crowd pleaser is experiencing a departure from its classic crust to healthier alternatives as diners have become more educated in the food they eat and the ingredients they are made from. Trending now: using various vegetables (and even fruit) to create grain-free and gluten-free crust options for diners interested in trying something healthier or need alternative options due to dietary restrictions. Amanda and her team have been experimenting with healthier, non-traditional ingredients, such as cauliflower, kale, and plantains, to make pizza crusts and have found that they work really well as a traditional pizza crust substitute.

We will be working with Amanda and her team on more culinary trends as our restaurant and hospitality industry clients get their fall menus underway. Stay tuned to see what we have cooking this autumn!

*photo credit: cauliflower pizza crust