Simons Says: Our Clients are Open For Business with OpenTable!

Dan Simons is a huge fan of data. As a matter of fact, Dan says, “I love the people, but I love the data.”

It’s all encompassing for Dan and his team. The process of collecting it. The knowledge that comes with it. The power that it can yield. The direction it points you in to make your business better.

In fact, Farmers Restaurant Group Vice President, Marketing & Communcations Meaghan O’Shea adds, “Anytime you can make a decision that’s based on the facts and not necessarily just gut instinct, you’re going to feel more confident with it.”

Where does that confidence come from? A successful partnership with OpenTable.

Last month, Dan took to the VSAG news pages writing an insightful blog on How OpenTable Works for Us. Now, the nuances that make our partnership work, and what we learn in the process, is playing out in a terrific new OpenTable video, featuring Dan and Meghan.

Take a look here into how Dan, Meaghan, and our team use OpenTable’s marketing engine to drive the Farmers Restaurant Group business, which includes Founding Farmers, Farmers Fishers Bakers, and Farmers & Distillers restaurants.