On Trend: Making All Day Breakfast Work for Your Restaurant

We recently forecasted the rise of the All Day Breakfast restaurant industry trend. FFT_AM_XXXXX_003_SS-2

It appears our trend-watching team was right on target as expanding breakfast to other dayparts seems a good bet as traditional breakfast food items are cost effective and the audience is reportedly there. According to a topical report by the National Restaurant Association, seven out of 10 diners say they want restaurants to serve breakfast throughout the day.

But, as with any business decision, ask yourself if it makes sense for you. In this instance if you already have breakfast items on your menu that’s a plus. Talk to your chefs, take a look at your numbers and if certain dishes prove customer favorites, start with adding those – maybe tweaking them for all day appeal. For instance, source new ingredients, such as herbs/spices and cheeses from around the globe; offer seasonal fresh citrus or sweet fruit inclusions to house-made dressings and sauces for dipping; or create new twists on breads, rolls, and pastries from scratch to elevate dishes.

As most of us order more than one beverage with breakfast foods (juices, cocktails & coffee), pairing breakfast meals with freshly made beverages and cocktails is another great way to customize this trend. Try fresh takes on traditional breakfast/brunch drinks (i.e. mimosas, champagne cocktails, bloody Mary’s); scratch sodas/juice blends featuring the seasonal fruit found in your food items; and a selection of freshly brewed, organic coffees and teas. Allowing guests to not only order with ease, but offering a variety of beverages is another plus for your bottom line.

Lastly, take note to generate breakfast buzz by highlighting your all day breakfast offerings not only on your menu, but also on your restaurant website, social media sites, and in store.

As you grow your eatery’s F&B concept development this year, as with any other market trend, we caution: don’t jump on the ‘all day breakfast’ bandwagon, but implement only if it works within the confines of your consumer base and your brand, not detracts from it.

Although as our trend team has revealed, all day breakfast seems a safe bet for a dip in the trend pond. And after all, who doesn’t love chicken & waffles any time of day?

photo: delicious breakfast selections from Founding Farmers Tysons