A Look Back: Top Restaurant & Hospitality Industry Trends We Saw in 2019

As each year draws to a close, our team looks back: for lessons learned, ideas shared, trends we loved (and those we were happy to see go), and what had the biggest effect on our business and our industry.

We believe that the only way to look forward… is to look back. Hindsight, as they say, is 20/20.

Last year, we capped off 2018 with a look back at restaurant trends & hospitality industry trends and topics that made an impact. We reviewed top restaurant food trends and current hospitality trends to lead the charge for change for sustainability, the importance of menu design, realizing the strength in strategic growth and development, the power of plant-based foods, and more.

As we watched current trends in the hospitality industry 2019 and food industry trends 2019 take flight, we narrowed our look back picks to the top three restaurant trends & hospitality industry trends we think had the most impact:

  1. We witnessed the resurgence of one of our favorite industry stories, Food Trucks. We love food trucks at their core for their entrepreneurial spirit, the local-area love, the mom-and-pop store vibe… and so much more. In 2019, we saw food trucks roll back into town, making a comeback with major influences on: sustainability, locally harvested ingredients, and introducing diners to authentic, global flavors and foods (Can We Get a ‘T’ for Taco?). We’re ready to continue watching food trucks make their mark on the industry with their brand of inexpensive, fresh food – made with love.
  2. Next up, Delivery. Our team has seen a significant uptick of our clients venturing into delivery. From DoorDash and UberEats to Grubhub and Caviar, delivery has even caught the eye of restaurant reservations giant, OpenTable. Capitalizing on the reported $10.2 billion Americans spent on third-party delivery in 2018 alone, delivery is poised to push our industry to even greater heights in years to come.
  3. Looking to increase your restaurant’s revenue? Move outdoors & explore the Benefits of Adding a Patio to your business plan. One of the best investments you can make is utilizing all spaces to the benefit of your bottom line. Guests love the indulgence of dining al fresco, all year long. One of our DC client’s has a year-round outdoor patio that has proven to be a huge draw for diners. Not only do they keep the patio packed in warmer months due to their beautiful setting on the banks of the Potomac, but in colder months they don’t let their prime outdoor real estate sit. Instead, they strategically place heaters and firepits outside to keep guests warm and toasty while they sip, eat & enjoy the lights, sights, and sounds of the riverfront and adjacent ice-skating rink. Trust us: Developing usable outdoor space will make the most of your bottom line.