Can We Get a “T” for Taco!

Tacos are making a comeback. We’re seeing lots of interest in the versatility and flavor combinations that tacos provide to chefs and their culinary teams.

Relatively inexpensive to craft, tacos can pack a big punch for your menus.

We recently talked about the street food trend and how we especially love this trend for summer.

Taking that trend one step further, we are watching the resurgence of the taco making its mark on the restaurant industry. Not only are they flush with flavor and super yummy, but we love that they are typically not a strain on our client’s budgets. Another important benefit (in addition to the fact that [street-inspired] tacos grew 145% on restaurant menus across our country last year)? Handmade tacos are a great means of showing-off your culinary team’s versatility and creativity, all while serving as a delicious extension of your brand.

Go ahead, get your taco on!

Play with herbs and spices. Experiment with different proteins, seafood, and vegetarian options. Up your taco game by crafting some scratch-made sauces served on the side. Freshen up flavors by adding fresh, chopped greens, roasted vegetables, and picked slaws.

What are our clients serving? We’re working with client culinary teams to make tacos, and even the shells (puffy corn, flour tortilla & sweet corn cakes), from scratch. We know guests are loving the variety. From tinga chicken and fried white fish to marinated steak and beer-braised beef to pulled pork and even plant-based options, tacos serve as a terrific playground to create from.

*Our client’s are serving up some delicious tacos at Farmers Fishers Bakers.