What’s Cooking this Summer? Part Three


Our resident R&D specialist, Amanda Webb, and her team are back at it.

Part three of our What’s Cooking this Summer series features another one of our trending favorites: the poke bowl.

What is a poke bowl? “Poke bowls are all of your favorite sushi ingredients, in one delicious bowl, without the fuss,” says Amanda.

Sounds like a perfect menu offering to us, so we asked Amanda to elaborate on why this dish is such a great fit for restaurant owners, operators, and guests alike.

“Poke bowls are a refreshing, easy, and tasty dining option that can satisfy all your guest’s cravings. From sweet and salty to sour and spicy,” Amanda says, “a typical poke bowl recipe features sushi rice, or another base such as quinoa or shredded cabbage, topped with cubed, high-quality, raw fish (usually tuna), tofu, or another protein, and usually accompanied by avocado, fresh herbs, vibrant fruits and vegetables, and umami-styled dressings and sauces.”

We’ve helped clients incorporate fresh, creative poke bowl takes for their in-store menus, and we’ve also seen poke bowl pop ups and food trucks hit their stride this summer as it’s a great item to not only eat in-house, but also while on the go at concerts, street fairs, and the like.

Here’s a delicious take on a spice ahi tuna bowl from DC’s Founding Farmers, featuring avocado, cabbage, onion, herbs, and bell pepper…