VSAG Interview: Dan Simons Featured in Food Fanatics Magazine

0As restaurant consultants who conduct business in all areas of the restaurant & hospitality industry, we are happy when approached by the media to offer our take on various industry topics.

Our very own, Dan Simons, is thrilled to be featured in the Summer 2015 issue of Food Fanatics. A groundbreaking, visually driven magazine giving readers a comprehensive, interesting, and lively look into the business of foodservice, from the latest food trends to industry insights to inspirational business concepts.

In this issue, Dan provides an overview, guidelines, and best practices of our business’s approach and methodology to successfully building employee loyalty.

He offers some great advice that works for us as a company as we regularly invest in our team, and receive the payoff of loyalty and commitment. For example, in 2008 Dan became aware that some team members were struggling financially so he established a $5,000 annual discretionary fund to aid employees with everything from rent to food. The success of this fund has proven for Dan and his team that, “If an employee needs a hand, we do our best to help out,” he says.

Dan also provides cautionary advice as operators navigate the bond between employee and employer. He recommends keeping consistent and not getting overly personal, but always being caring. “Balance your head and your heart,” he says.

For more of Dan’s insight on how Restaurants Build Loyalty When They Help an Employee in Need, go to page 46 of the Summer 2015 Food Fanatics magazine and read the full article here.