Upping Your Video Ante: 5 Key Ingredients

A video is one of the best marketing tools an operator can invest in. The marriage of visuals, messaging, and the feeling of exclusivity the viewer gets from watching, gives your brand a voice. A voice you control. A voice you create.

We asked our friend Ken Fletcher, photography and videography specialist for client Farmers Restaurant Group, who produces all of FRG’s amazing videos (click here to view videos), for some pointers on turning out a restaurant video that ticks all your branding and restaurant marketing ideas boxes.

Grab Your Viewer’s Attention From the First Frame. If social media is your marketing medium of choice, which for many it is, sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram give you mere seconds to intrigue your viewer. The best restaurant social media campaigns offer something that will grab their attention from the very first frame. Ken’s recommendations? Open your video with a person’s face, a smile offers an especially warm video welcome, or a bold, interesting footage or graphic. Making that instant connection is key.

Keep Up the Pace. Attention spans are short. You are more likely to get engagement and views if people don’t have to dedicate a lot of time to getting the information you want to convey. Keep your messaging brief (aka in the planning stages, craft a concise, well-thought-out video storyboard). The same applies if a video is more complex. No filler.

Plan Ahead. For a successful shoot, you need to have specific goals in mind before the camera starts running. Walk through your strategy then create a detailed storyboard outlining what you want to show in terms of images, brand messaging, and footage you want to include to highlight your business, as well as who from your team will be featured.

Find Your Voice. Authenticity is everything, especially on social media. Your ultimate goal in creating a successful video should be to connect with your audience in an honest, genuine way. Don’t be afraid to display your brand’s or your team’s personality. Find a way that best represents your brand, while remaining consistent with your messaging, as with all the marketing tools you generate.

Keep Your Standards on Display. Your video won’t be perfect. You aren’t shooting a blockbuster film here, and that’s ok. But, it is important your video is produced to professional standards. Putting effort into researching elements like lighting, camera work/angles, how to customize your video by including high-quality images and footage, and sound recording will make your final product, and how it’s received, go a long way.

*photo: outtake from a video shoot featuring our very own Mike Vucurevich and Dan Simons.