Sustainability Takes Center Stage

Restaurant sustainable practices are paramount to our team.

Not only are we out in front for championing sustainable restaurants in our restaurant and hospitality consulting services, but we also work closely with our clients to implement responsible restaurant sustainability ideas and sustainable best practices to reject, reduce, reuse, and recycle today, in order to leave the planet a better place tomorrow.

Last week, client MoCo’s Founding Farmers won the prestigious, Bethesda Magazine and Bethesda Green’s Leading By Example Green Business  Award, for prioritizing eco-friendly practices with a commitment to sustainability in the restaurant industry through sourcing and utilizing recycled and refurbished materials in their restaurant construction, and incorporating efficient lighting, smart heating and cooling systems, a water infiltration system, and more.

And our very own, Dan Simons, was recently out in front joining local Washington, D.C. legislators, government agencies, NGOs, business leaders, and community members at the 12th Annual Trash Summit sponsored by the Alice Ferguson Foundation.

As part of the panel discussion centering on seeking “Business Solutions for Plastic Pollution,” Dan took this opportunity to reinforce the long-term value of effectively recycling trash, including plastics, within the restaurant industry. Additionally, he focused on the importance of dedicating time and resources to creating sustainable systems and training staff on managing these systems in order to have a real impact on the future of our landfills worldwide.