Summer Food Feature: Part One

Summer is here. That means more & more seasonal summer food, easy summer recipes, and light, refreshing drinks to keep guests well fed, satiated, and happy.

One current food trend we’re loving these days (and we’re guiding our clients to implement with ease)… house-made specialties, such as scratch sodas and hand-pulled noodles.

We’ve gone straight to our expert sources (i.e. our amazing, in-the-know culinary team, including R&D Specialist Amanda Webb) to get the Summer Food 411 on what makes house-made specialties – well, so special.

Top of the list: taking that extra step showcases to guests that you’re willing to go that extra mile to give them something unique, healthy, and handmade. Hence, a well-loved, well-made product that resonates value to guests.

Also, creating items in-house allows your craft culinary and beverage teams more creativity in the kitchen and behind the bar. And savvy guests will always sense a happy, fulfilled, server or bartender who is proud to offer the food and/or drink item they’re presenting.

Scratch Sodas. The numbers speak for themselves. Our team has uncovered reports that beverage terms, such as “house-made” or “made in house,” recorded triple-digit percentage growth over the past four years. So, it’s no surprise that our award-winning bar & beverage team has been working with clients for years now to offer guests menus that are filled with premium, house-made drinks, including scratch sodas, cold-pressed juice programs, specialty iced teas, such as house-brewed sun tea, milkshakes, and more.

Hand-Pulled Noodles. Taste as yummy, and extraordinary, as they sound. Even though noodles have been around for centuries in Italian and Chinese cooking, only as of late have our American chefs began to discover and explore some tasty new ways to put hand-pulled noodles on the map, in all their long, flat, perfectly chewy glory. From Chinese shop style signature cumin lamb with cabbage and spicy chili oil and beef & pork meatballs to curry chicken and drunken beef style with bok choy and bean sprouts, we’ve been guiding our clients on adding some spectacular hand-pulled noodle pairings on their menus for all to enjoy.

Summer is here. Let the food and drink creativity commence!

*photo: summer freshness in a glass! The Hibiscus Scratch Soda at Founding Farmers DC